The doctor told what breakfasts can make you “suffer and fall asleep”

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Nutritionist Elena Solomatina, in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow speaking”, listed popular morning dishes that, if consumed regularly, may turn out to be hazardous to health.

She named instant cereals and cereals as examples of unhealthy breakfasts.

“Porridge is a carbohydrate product, the blood sugar level rises, that is, a high glycemic index. It is fraught with the fact that we will quickly want to eat, and in the first working hours we will suffer and fall asleep, feeling hungry. The same applies to cereals.” , – she said.

However, according to the nutritionist, it is okay to consume whole grain cereals. However, Solomatina advised not to add, for example, toast with jam to such food, as this will increase the carbohydrate load on the pancreas.

Among other things, the specialist advised to abandon freshly squeezed juices.

“Freshly squeezed juices can indeed be dangerous, especially on an empty stomach, they contain a lot of organic acids,” she warned.

According to Solomatina, the harm caused by these products depends on age and lifestyle. She also emphasized that one or two of these breakfasts will not affect human health in any way, but it is not recommended to consume the listed products on a regular basis, as the doctor notes.

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