Pushkov warned Biden against repeating Obama's mistakes about Russia

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the US plans to impose new sanctions against Russia on Telegram.

The politician noted the extraordinary activity of the “democrats stagnant in the political stall”, recalling that yesterday the United States struck a blow at Syria, and today announces new restrictive measures against Russia.

“They are in a hurry, so to speak, to please the world, but in fact – the Russophobic public, as their guru Obama did, who made a mistake in everything and failed in everything he could in foreign policy. Biden should have drawn conclusions from this, but he does not want to. In vain, “- wrote Pushkov.

Earlier, White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters that the United States is preparing to impose new anti-Russian sanctions “within weeks.” She stressed that the Russian issue “includes several components” and listed Moscow's alleged “interference” in the elections and the hacker attack, as well as the alleged awards for the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Russian authorities have previously denied involvement in the charges on all of these counts.

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