Orthopedist-traumatologist told why the shape of the foot changes

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. What causes the foot deformity, how it is dangerous and how to avoid it, Anton Devitsev, orthopedist-traumatologist of the Chaika clinic, told Sputnik radio.

Everything above depends on the foot as the final support organ: the knee joint, the hip joint, and so on. In addition, the presence of a deformed foot can be an additional provoking factor for back pain, Devitsev explained. The process of changing the foot occurs gradually, and eventually you have to change shoes because of this. “The process of deformation occurs throughout life. In youth, one story is what the foot looks like, with age, a degenerative process occurs, which leads to spreading of the foot and arches, the leg changes its configuration, increases in width. It becomes uncomfortable in the old shoes, and we take larger shoes, “Devitsev said.

Uncomfortable shoes play a big role in the deformation of the foot, added the orthopedic traumatologist. Previously, there were few high-quality shoes, now, according to him, this problem does not exist, but young people often wear fashionable shoes that “kill” their feet.

“Now the percentage of high-quality shoes is much higher, as well as their availability. But often when we are young, we” kill “our legs, and then we think why they are flattened. …

The orthopedic traumatologist warned that orthopedic shoes and insoles are not able to return the foot to its previous position. They can only compensate for the pain syndrome, but only if they are correctly selected.

As a preventive measure for deformity of the feet, the doctor suggested walking barefoot over rough terrain. A walk along a forest path, for example, is well suited, said Devitsev.

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