In Lithuania, a man dies a few minutes after being vaccinated against coronavirus

VILNIUS, February 27 – RIA Novosti. The Lithuanian authorities have recorded the death of a person after being vaccinated against coronavirus, reports the portal Delfi. “The Lithuanian Drug Control Service (LSCL – ed.) Received information about the death of a person after being vaccinated against coronavirus,” the portal said.

According to the service, a 77-year-old man has died.

“The LSCL received data that suggests that vaccination was not the cause of death. But since death occurred a few minutes after vaccination, the service recorded this case as another report of an undesirable effect,” the head told reporters during an online press conference. services Gytis Andryulionis.

According to Andriulionis, the patient had problems with his heart and circulatory system.

According to service spokesman Rugile Pilvinienė, deaths after taking medication are rarely reported. She clarified that the deceased was vaccinated in an outpatient facility, his clinical death occurred a few minutes after vaccination. The patient was resuscitated, but could not be saved. The spread of coronavirus

“This was more of a random event than a vaccination process. We assess all severe adverse reactions and manifestations,” a representative of the LSCL told reporters.

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