In 2021, a cure for seriously ill COVID-19 may appear

TEL-AVIV, February 27 – RIA Novosti. An experimental drug that allows to cure seriously ill coronavirus infection, which has shown high efficiency during the first stage of trials at the Ichilov clinic in Tel Aviv, must undergo a full cycle of studies by the end of the year, the drug's creator, Professor Arbar Nadir, told RIA Novosti. to the second stage of the research, in which 50 patients will receive treatment with our drug, and 50 will receive a placebo, then we will move on to the third stage, in which several hundred patients will take part.The exact date of completion of the full cycle of studies depends on many factors, but we hope to complete the study drug this year, “- said Professor Nadir.

At the first stage of testing, researchers at the Ichilov clinic in Tel Aviv gave an experimental drug to 30 patients with severe COVID-19. The effect, according to the professor, was obvious. Firstly, the researchers were convinced of the safety of the drug, and secondly, the patients began to breathe noticeably better, as evidenced by the test data.

“And from a clinical point of view, the percentage of oxygen in the blood increased, the inflammation decreased, and after a few days the patients were discharged,” the researcher noted.

The drug was given to critically ill patients with rapid breathing and a rapidly falling oxygen level in the blood. In this case, the drug was applied in the form of a spray once a day.

“If a patient needs mechanical ventilation, it's too late. You need to be able to prevent this, recognize it in advance. Look, we hope to release this medicine in the future in the form of a regular spray. And use it at home,” said the professor.

According to the creator of the drug, it is done quickly, easily and does not require special costs. This medicine can be distributed worldwide within a few months, once approvals have been obtained. The drug should not have side effects, the developer is sure.

“Due to the fact that we use nanotechnology, we do not think that there will be at least some kind of negative reaction. This is a meager dose of a substance that is already in the body. It cannot harm,” the scientist said.

The principle of action of the drug is based on the effect on the immune system. According to Professor Nadir, this is due to the peculiarities of the coronavirus, which at first develops like a common flu, but in 5-6% of patients an excessive immune response is observed, which leads to a sharp deterioration in the condition.

“I have been researching the CD24 protein, which calms the immune system, for a long time. Another of our research is the study of exosomes. They, you can imagine, are responsible for the 'conversation' between our cells. We know how to isolate them and 'explain' to them how to work with protein CD24 and produce it in much larger quantities. And the most important thing is an affordable method of administering the drug – through an inhaler, “- said the agency's interlocutor.

For more than 20 years, Professor Nadir's group has been working at the Cancer Research Center of the Ichilov Medical Center, studying genes that affect the “harmony” within the cell and the stability of the immune system. Right now, according to the professor, this study has become especially relevant and has found practical application.

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