Baza employee detained in St. Petersburg

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained a Baza employee at the Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg, according to the publication's Telegram channel.

“A few hours ago, our employee Miaile Machulite was detained at the Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg,” says the Baza Telegram channel.

It is noted that Meile came to St. Petersburg with her brother to spend the weekend there. According to the newspaper, shortly before the arrest, a police officer, whom she knew, contacted Mäile and said that he wanted to convey to Mäile important information that might interest her. The policeman himself was in St. Petersburg and suggested that, since she came to the city, to meet in person – at the Moscow railway station.

“Already in St. Petersburg, Mäile was detained right during the meeting by officers of the Internal Security Directorate (Internal Security Directorate – ed.) Of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, – in any case, they showed these documents to brother Mäile. to contact her to provide her with protection, “- added in the message.

Later, Baza managed to contact the detained journalist Mäila Machulita, the reasons for the detention are unknown, they refused to provide a lawyer to the employee, the publication's Telegram channel reports.

“We managed to get in touch with our journalist Mäila Machulite, who was detained this morning at the Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg. The conversation was conducted over a speakerphone. A certain investigator who introduced himself as Gennady spoke to us,” the Telegram channel says.

The journalist, as Baza managed to find out, is now “under investigation at the Main Investigation Department in St. Petersburg – the Investigative Committee or the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not been specified.”

“We demanded to provide a lawyer for Meyle, to which we were refused. Quote of the investigator:“ I made such a decision. “The officer refused to name the reasons for Meyle's detention,” Baza clarifies.

RIA Novosti does not yet have a comment from law enforcement officers.

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