Water supply restored in Saratov after the accident

SARATOV, 26 Feb – RIA Novosti. Water supply and heat supply were restored in Saratov after a communal accident, which disrupted the supply of cold water in the houses of half of the city's residents for a day and caused interruptions in heating and hot water supply, said the mayor of the city Mikhail Isaev.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that due to emergency repair work at the water supply complex-3, the Water Supply Concessions – Saratov LLC (FAC) closed the water pipe on Thursday night. In the cold water cut-off zone in all six districts of the city, there were 2,726 houses with a population of 424 thousand people, in addition, there were interruptions in hot water and heating. The accident was eliminated on Thursday morning, only a day later the cold water supply was restored, after which all boiler houses returned to work. On Friday, by 18.00 Moscow time, five houses were left without heating, 12 houses – without cold water.

“The operational headquarters makes a decision that the emergency situation for the supply of heat and cold water supply has been eliminated. It is obvious that the cause of such a serious communal accident was the human factor, in our opinion, there are signs of negligence towards their official duties by the employees of Water Supply Concession – Saratov “. A legal assessment of these actions will be given by the supervisory authorities,” Isaev wrote on his Instagram account.

He apologized to residents for the inconvenience. Vladimir Putin's big press conference – 2020

“Now we can already declare that the situation in the city has returned to normal. For almost two days, the repair teams worked without a break for sleep and rest. I think that all Saratov residents will join their sincere words of gratitude to the workers,” he added.

Earlier, the regional government commission to clarify the causes of the communal accident called the defrosting of valves at the pumping station as a preliminary reason for the failure of the water utility, which, according to the commission, was due to the lack of proper control and analysis of the temperature regime by KVS.

Currently in Saratov, plus 2 degrees.

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