US accuses Saudi prince of involvement in Khashukji's murder

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States released a report on the 2018 assassination of Jamal Hashukji in Istanbul, which claims that the operation to capture or kill a journalist was personally approved by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman.

The intelligence community believes that his level of control over decision-making in the country is so high that such actions could not take place without the approval of the prince.

“The Crown Prince viewed Khashukji as a threat to the kingdom and widely supported the use of violent measures when necessary to silence him,” the report said.

It states that Saudi officials planned the operation in advance, and lists 21 people whom the United States “with a high degree of certainty” suspects of the murder of Khashukji. At the same time, intelligence cannot say that the persons involved knew in advance what the final would be for this operation.

Khashukji was killed in October 2018 in Istanbul at the Saudi Arabian consulate. Initially, the Saudi authorities denied his disappearance in the diplomatic mission, but some time after the appearance of video and audio recordings, they were forced to admit that Khashukji was killed “as a result of a quarrel with consular officers.” The Turkish police were never able to find his body.

The Arab media put forward versions that the order to assassinate Khashukji, which criticized the actions of the Saudi authorities, could have been given to the contender for the throne in the kingdom – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. However, the kingdom's foreign ministry said that the crown prince had nothing to do with this crime.

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