Toyota recalls more than three thousand cars in Russia

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti / Prime. Toyota Motor, the official representative of the Toyota manufacturer in the Russian market, is recalling 3428 Toyota Hilux and Fortuner vehicles due to a possible decrease in brake efficiency, according to the Rosstandart website.

Vehicles sold between August 17, 2018 and the present are subject to recall. “Reason for recalling vehicles: the strength of the brake booster piston may be reduced due to the nature of its production. In this state, the piston may be damaged during heavy braking and, in the worst In this case, the braking distance of the car will increase due to a decrease in the efficiency of the brake booster, “the message says.

Authorized representatives of the manufacturer will inform the owners of vehicles subject to the recall of the need to provide the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repair work, which will be free for car owners, Rosstandart points out.

It is noted that the brake booster will be checked on all vehicles and, if necessary, the brake booster will be replaced with a new, modernized one.

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