The lawyer explained how to quit one day

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. The Labor Code allows dismissal in one day, it depends on who initiated the termination of the employment contract and for what reason, Irina Mikheeva, the leading legal adviser of KSK Group, told the Prime agency. “The grounds for dismissing an employee on the initiative of the employer in one day are listed in Art. 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and relate, first of all, to cases of gross violation by an employee, “the expert added.

A lawyer, referring to labor legislation, noted that an employer can fire a subordinate in one day if he grossly violated his labor duties once (absenteeism, disclosure of official secrets, etc.); does not correspond to the position held due to the lack of the necessary qualifications based on the results of certification; repeatedly refused to perform labor duties (in the presence of a disciplinary sanction); committed guilty acts giving grounds for loss of confidence, or committed an immoral offense, etc.

There are other reasons – if an employee leaves on his own initiative in connection with enrollment in an educational institution or retirement, as well as if there are serious health problems or there are medical contraindications for continuing to work. An employee can leave the company without completing the prescribed two weeks if the employer violates labor law. For example, delays wages or denies annual leave.

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