The expert told how scammers call from numbers you know

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. Many do not pick up the phone if it displays a call from an unknown person. This is used by fraudsters trying to get information over the phone – they try to confuse a potential victim by disguising the call as a number familiar to the person. Maxim Nazarenko, head of the quality management and certification department of RTU MIREA, told the Prime agency about this.

There are no technical problems with this – there are many such services and programs freely available, and sometimes number masking is included in the standard set of services when making calls over the Internet.

To find out which number to disguise under, you just need to access someone else's contact list. “There are several applications that offer different ways of presenting an incoming call and can show how you are recorded in the phone book of another subscriber – for this, both need to register in this application and give access rights to contacts. And then the list of your contacts may well be accessed by someone to whom you absolutely would not want to provide such access, “the expert warns.

There is only one way to protect yourself from such calls by 100 percent – by completely abandoning the use of the phone. If you are not ready for this, learn to be aware of the risks and minimize them as much as possible, Nazarenko concluded.

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