Russian banks told how to deal with malicious Internet bots

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. Internet bots create a lot of problems for companies and users, creating a serious burden on them, and are also used by fraudsters to collect user data, up to hacking their accounts. Russian banks told RIA Novosti how to deal with such threats.

Rospatent included in the top 10 main Russian inventions of 2020 an innovative development for protection against Internet bots, which is used in systems to combat online fraud. The technology will protect about 160 million users. And in the first six months of 2020, only five Russian banks with its help were able to prevent damage in the amount of 320 million rubles. “Illegal bot traffic causes a lot of problems for companies and users – it creates unnecessary load, which ultimately has to be processed and spent on it computing resources, clogs up Internet channels, “says Dmitry Sturov, head of the information security department of Renaissance Credit bank.

According to him, cybercriminals can entrust bots with a whole range of tasks – from parsing sites (automated collection of information), stealing data and content, to direct hacking of user accounts of Internet resources. “All the data collected is then analyzed by fraudsters and used for higher-level attacks such as phishing,” Sturov said.

A number of companies specializing in the protection of web publications and mobile applications are now trying to solve the problem of separating illegal bot traffic. Banks also use various solutions to protect their Internet services: Internet banking, brokerage systems, systems of integration with partners, he said.

The bank “Dom.RF” said that they are familiar with the invention, which was allocated by Rospatent, but at the moment it does not use it. “After confirming the effectiveness of this solution, we are ready to consider its application, or the use of analogues in our bank,” – said the director of retail products of the credit institution Evgeny Shitikov.

Otkritie Bank reacted positively to the development and will probably implement it, but so far they are using a different solution. VTB did not consider this technology, “the bank is applying all the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect clients from fraudsters,” the press service of the credit institution said. Rosbank was assured that a comprehensive security system has already been built to detect and counteract automation tools and bots.

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