Residents of more than a hundred emergency houses in Yakutsk will be resettled in 2021

YAKUTSK, February 26 – RIA Novosti. Residents of more than 100 emergency houses in Yakutsk will be resettled in 2021, according to the press service of the administration of the head and government of the region.

As noted in the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic, in Yakutsk, there are 1135 wooden houses built in 1960-1970s, the residents of which need to improve living conditions.

According to the acting head of the city Yevgeny Grigoriev, the task has been set to resettle the residents of such houses until 2032. “Thanks to additional funding, the stages of resettlement of residents of Yakutsk from emergency dilapidated housing in 2022-2023 were shifted to 2021. Instead of 20 houses that were registered in the 2021 stage year, 115 houses will be relocated two or three years earlier, “- quoted in the message, the words of Grigoriev.

Earlier it was reported that in 2020 more than 500 residents of Yakutsk received new housing under regional and municipal resettlement programs from the emergency housing stock.

Deputy Director of the Department of Housing Relations of the District Administration Maria Pavlova told RIA Novosti that 4.69% of the city's population, or 15,713 people, live in emergency houses in Yakutsk. The second stage of the federal program for the resettlement of citizens included 166 houses recognized as emergency before January 1, 2017. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

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