More than 300 thousand Muscovites voted to choose a monument on Lubyanka

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. More than 300 thousand Muscovites have already taken part in the vote on the installation of a monument in the Lubyanka, according to the portal “Active Citizen”.

Voting began the day before at 10:00 and will last at several venues until March 5. There are two options to choose from: Felix Dzerzhinsky and Alexander Nevsky.

By 16:45, 300,008 people have already voted. While Nevsky is in the lead – this option was chosen by almost 165 thousand Muscovites (55 percent of the voting participants). A little less than 136 thousand people (45 percent) want to see a monument to Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka.

Writers, bloggers and journalists, including Zakhar Prilepin, Igor Molotov, Alexander Prokhanov, Dmitry Puchkov, Lesya Ryabtseva, came up with the idea to return the monument to the founder of the Cheka to Lubyanskaya Square. They sent an appeal to the government and the mayor of Moscow. The head of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Culture and Mass Communications Yevgeny Gerasimov noted that the decision to return the monument should be made taking into account the opinion of Muscovites.

A monument to Dzerzhinsky, the founder and first head of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, from which the NKVD and then the KGB grew up, appeared on Lubyanskaya Square in 1958. During the August events of 1991, it was dismantled, now it is located in the Muzeon park.

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