Gas supply for residents of SEZ “Lipetsk” will triple

LIPETSK, 26 Feb – RIA Novosti. Large-scale work to triple the volume of gas supply for existing and potential investors has started at the Yeletsk section of the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ), said Igor Artamonov, Governor of the Lipetsk Region.

According to him, the investment will amount to almost 200 million rubles. In addition, the existing network will be reconstructed to connect to the projected gas distribution station.

The Governor noted that this is “a very important project that will expand the potential of the Yeletsky area and will solve the needs of potential investors.”

The throughput capacity of the existing gas distribution station is now 10 thousand cubic meters per hour. Companies operating in the Eletsky area of the Lipetsk SEZ consume almost all of the gas supplied to them. After the work done, the volume of natural fuel supplies will increase and will amount to 30 thousand cubic meters per hour.

According to the governor, the need to connect additional networks is due to the great interest of potential residents in the Yelets section of the special economic zone. “Developing the engineering infrastructure, we are working ahead of schedule, for decades ahead. This will provide the most comfortable investment environment for the construction of new and development of the existing production of SEZ residents. PPT “Lipetsk”, – said Artamonov.

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