Bulgarian media readers condemn pushing the country to war with Russia

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. The United States is preparing Bulgaria for war with Russia, which confirms the agreement on the construction of a NATO center in Varna. This is the opinion of the readers of Fakti.

So, one of the users noted that no one asks the opinion of the Bulgarians about a possible war with Russia, since it will terrify NATO officials.

“Did you even watch the May 9 parade in Russia? They will capture us with one military band!” Wrote another.

“If Russia attacks Bulgaria, I will fight to the last drop of blood. But if someone attacks Russia, I will be on the side of Russia. I think we owe it to her,” the third stressed.

One of the readers urged to “lynch” those who declare war on Russia.

In addition, commentators ask why NATO was not abolished after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Organization.

“Why not abolish NATO after the abolition of the communist Warsaw Pact. Who is his opponent now?” – asks the user.

“Why would anyone want to fight Russia? Unlike the United States, Russia does not blackmail Bulgaria and the Europeans. Unlike the Turks, it does not want to resurrect the Ottoman Empire … Why would anyone want to fight the Russians at all?”

Users admitted that military training was necessary, but called the constant attempts to make Russia an enemy complete nonsense.

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