Zhirinovsky told how to eat right

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged Russians not to eat much, so as not to suffer from excess weight later, and also talked about the diet that he adheres to.

“Nutrition – no need to overeat, then you will be too lazy to do anything, half-starved (you must) be. Here I give the menu: (eat) four times a day, three little. Here is breakfast: an egg – cook for four minutes, a little porridge, cottage cheese, some kind of pudding, casserole, a little bit. A glass of tea or coffee. All food should go into one large glass. That's all, enough for breakfast. And if you eat a frying pan of sausages and eggs, some bacon, and something else, but half a pot of porridge – you need a little “, – said Zhirinovsky during a conversation at the Clubhouse.

“The first lunch at 11 o'clock: borscht, soup, hodgepodge – something like that, one piece of bread a day with the first course, salad is possible. Second course: a piece of bread and a piece of meat and something else – dumplings, dumplings, and dinner is light in the evening. You need to eat a little, do you understand? <...> And when you see that the weight is growing, these are all your banquets, your feasts, they sit, eat, eat, “the politician continued.

Earlier Zhirinovsky suggested limiting the weight of officials to a hundred kilograms as a recommendation. According to Zhirinovsky, overweight people require large expenditures from the state, “at this time, people who feel normal receive less money from the state.”

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