Xi Jinping announces complete victory over extreme poverty in China

BEIJING, 25 Feb – RIA Novosti. China has won a complete victory in the fight against poverty: Over the past 8 years, nearly 100 million people have been able to rise above the poverty line, Chinese spokesman Xi Jinping said Wednesday. “Thanks to the joint efforts of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, we have won a complete victory in the fight against poverty.” Xi Jinping said at a meeting on China's performance in the fight against poverty.

He noted that over the past 8 years 98.99 million rural residents have been removed from poverty, 832 counties and 128 thousand villages have been removed from the list of poor areas.

Since the beginning of the reform and opening-up policy in the late 1970s, 770 million rural residents have been lifted out of poverty.

“During this period, China has contributed 70% to the global fight against poverty eradication. With such successes, China has created another miracle that will remain in history,” Xi Jinping said.

Xi Jinping first announced the idea of targeting poverty alleviation in 2013 during an inspection trip to Hunan province in the central part of the country.

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