The victim of the “Skopinsky maniac” commented on his imminent release

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. Former victim of “Skopinsky maniac” Viktor Mokhov Yekaterina Martynova commented on the information about his imminent release.

Earlier, a source in power structures told RIA Novosti that the attacker would be released on March 3 after 17 years in prison.

“I started thinking about it a year ago. I understood that a year will pass and that's all. <...> I'm not that I'm afraid, but it's strange to me that my tormentor, who deprived me of 3.5 years of my normal life, will soon be released and continue live normally, “Martynova said in an interview with MK.

She recalled that she lives 100 kilometers from Mokhov, therefore, in her opinion, she has “nothing special” to be afraid of. In addition, she said that the maniac's neighbors claimed that they would not let him live in Skopin after his release.

Martynova also mentioned the situation when Mokhov wrote her a letter from the colony.

“I still don't know where he got my address from. If Mokhov managed to find out my address in prison, maybe he has some plans for me? And when free, it won't be difficult for him to find out where I live now?” …> It’s scary to think about it, ”said the source.

However, Martynova admitted that she is married and feels safe.

Mokhov is serving time for the kidnapping and rape of two girls, one of whom was 14 and the other 17. He kidnapped them in 2000 in the town of Skopin and held them in a basement for almost four years. In captivity, one of the girls gave birth to him twice, but both times the perpetrator took the children away.

Mokhov starved the girls, kept them without light, beat them with a rubber hose, and sprayed tear gas around the room. The girls accidentally managed to give a note to freedom, and in May 2004 they were released.

In August 2005, the Skopinsky district sentenced Mokhov to 17 years in a strict regime colony. He was sent to serve his sentence in a colony in the Saratov region.

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