The lawyer told how you can lose an apartment immediately after purchase

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. Venera Shaydullina, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, Associate Professor of the Department of International and Public Law of the Financial University under the government, in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, urged Russians to use the services of a notary when buying an apartment.

The lawyer told about the case when a person was sold housing by power of attorney, which was later declared invalid. According to her, in that situation there was no right to sell, and the notary could not certify the power of attorney, but made a mistake. “The person who allegedly received the apartment as a gift tried to evict the tenants. But the donation contract was canceled,” Shaydullina said.

It soon became clear that the previous owner of the apartment had an invalid purchase and sale agreement. As a result, the deal was declared legally null and void, and the notary compensated the damage in the amount of 5.1 million rubles. Since the deal was made through him, no one was hurt.

Shaidullina recalled that buyers often remain extreme when they complete a transaction without a notary and rely entirely on realtors or bankers, since the latter are not responsible for their mistakes. By resorting to the services of a lawyer, a person gets protection from trouble, the newspaper's interlocutor concluded.

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