The lawyer explained what you can't do in your own apartment

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. The owner of housing in an apartment building, according to the Housing Code of Russia, cannot independently organize redevelopment, has no right to set up a hotel or any industrial production on his square meters, and must not violate the rights and interests of neighbors, a lawyer, project expert told the Prime agency “From left to right” Nadezhda Ermolaeva. “Oddly enough, according to the general rule enshrined in both civil and housing legislation, ownership is not only a blessing, but also a burden, since it is the owner who bears the costs of maintaining his property,” the lawyer notes.

In particular, according to the expert, the owner of the apartment, before starting the reconstruction, must coordinate these plans with the local government. In addition, the residential apartment can only be used for its intended purpose. It is prohibited to turn it into an industrial facility or to organize a hotel business in it.

If the owner, after a warning, continues to violate the rights and interests of neighbors or use the housing for other purposes, does not carry out the necessary repairs, his apartment can be sold by court. Then he will receive money for it minus the costs of executing the court decision, sums up Ermolaeva.

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