The amount of debt of Russians for housing and communal services is named

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. The debts of Russians for housing and communal services increased by 55 billion rubles and by October last year amounted to 625 billion rubles. Writes about this “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to Rosstat.

In October 2019, the debt amounted to 570 billion rubles. The newspaper recalled that by the beginning of last year the amount had grown to 615 billion rubles, but this was due to a seasonal factor.

Heating debts decreased in the summer, but over the year the amount increased by 9.7 percent.

As noted in the publication, the Russians owe 276 billion rubles to the Criminal Code, HOA and ZhSK. Of these, 150 billion rubles – for the maintenance of living quarters, another 51 billion rubles – for heating. The debt for hot water was 24 billion rubles, and for cold water – 14.9. Russians owe another 14.5 billion rubles for water disposal, 12 billion for electricity, another 0.82 billion for gas.

The debt to resource supplying companies amounted to 350 billion rubles, of which 145 billion – for heat, another 62 billion – for electricity, and 52 billion rubles – for gas.

Since the beginning of 2020, debts for water have grown from 32 to 38 billion rubles, water disposal – from 20 to 24 billion, and for garbage disposal – from 16 to 29 billion.

Director of the NP “National Housing Congress” Tatyana Vepretskaya believes that the increase in debt by 55 billion rubles is “a lot.” Part of the debt will not be repaid due to the fact that some organizations have ceased their activities. A third of the management companies and TZS, as noted by the Association of Real Estate Service Companies (AKON), have a high risk of going bankrupt.

As Vepretskaya noted, collection of debts does not depend on a decrease in the solvency of Russians and measures of enforced collection. According to her, this is due to the various possibilities of accepting payments and notifying about them. According to the president of AKON Nikita Chulochnikov, the payment discipline of Russians can be increased by the abolition of the ban on charging fines and penalties for non-payment of housing and communal services. However, those people whose incomes have fallen will accumulate debts faster. Therefore, the expert urged to develop mechanisms for writing off bad debts and compensating the Criminal Code and Homeowners' Association for “lost income for services rendered”

Earlier, OP and NP ZhKKH-Kontrol in a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asked to increase the number of Russians who receive subsidies to pay for housing and communal services. So, they proposed to change the approach to assessing family income, which determines the right to payment. Now the indicator for the last six months is taken into account, but the period is proposed to be reduced to two months.

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