Sellers warned of a record rise in flower prices

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. The cost of flowers in Russia by March 8 may rise by 35 percent, said Yulia Charyshkina, director of the Podosinki greenhouse complex, in an interview with Business FM radio station.

“There has never been such a year at all, in principle, and we cannot fully understand what the final result will be. But I mean that the price will definitely rise by 35 percent,” she said.

Charyshkina also said that traditionally before the holiday, prices rise by 20 percent, but this year, according to her, “unprecedented excitement” is expected in the flower market.

The founder of the Tsvetochny Ryad chain Ivan Utenkov, in turn, noted that the cost of flowers has already increased. Among other factors affecting pricing, he named the plans of manufacturers to recoup some of the costs incurred in the pandemic, as well as difficulties in transporting goods due to closed borders.

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