Protesters erected barricades outside the parliament building in Yerevan

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. Ishkhan Saghatelyan, a representative of the united opposition of Armenia, spoke about the erection of barricades near the parliament building in Yerevan.

“We have closed Baghramyan Avenue with barricades from both sides,” Sputnik Armenia quoted him as saying.

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He also noted that the opposition continues to set up tents and light bonfires.

Earlier, Saghatelyan said that the protest actions will continue until Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan resigns.

Another political crisis began in the republic after the president of the country Armen Sarkissian the day before, at the suggestion of Pashinyan, dismissed the first deputy chief of the General Staff Tiran Khachatrian. The general, according to media reports, ridiculed the words of the head of government about the Iskander complexes.

The army, in turn, demanded the resignation of Pashinyan himself. The prime minister called the incident an attempt at a coup d'etat and promised to fire Chief of the General Staff Onik Gasparyan.

On Thursday, opponents of the current government took to the streets of Yerevan. After that, the head of the government himself called on his supporters to gather and spoke to them. He called on the opposition to resolve differences through dialogue. He also said that he was ready to hold early parliamentary elections. After that, he led the procession through the streets of the capital. There have been several clashes between the opposition and Pashinyan's supporters.

Subsequently, the prime minister refused to hold early parliamentary elections.

Pashinyan's popularity fell after the signing of an agreement with Baku on a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh on November 10. Then Armenia transferred control over the Kelbajar, Lachin and Aghdam regions to Azerbaijan.

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