Posner explained his words about “tragedy” for Russia because of Orthodoxy

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, in an interview with the YouTube channel “Seraphim”, commented on his earlier statement about the “negative influence” of the Orthodox faith on the development of Russia.

During the discussion, the journalist was reminded that in the past he called the adoption of this religion “one of the greatest tragedies” for the country.

The journalist cited as an argument the opinion that the main trends in Christianity – Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy – allegedly had different effects on the peoples of one of the confessions.

“If we compare different aspects of how this or that nation lives, it turns out that, from my point of view, of course, in Protestant countries people live much better in various parameters than in Catholic ones. In Catholic ones it is better than in Orthodox Christians, and in the Orthodox it is the worst. And I explain this precisely by religion, and not by something else, “Posner expressed his opinion.

Archpriest Alexander Abramov, who participated in the conversation, in turn opposed the journalist and stressed that he strongly disagreed with the position he had voiced. According to him, the capital of Orthodox Byzantium – Constantinople – was no less developed city than Catholic London at that time.

“Tsarist Russia of the early 20th century is it a prosperous country or a lagging one? It is a very dynamic country, and I think it will be very difficult to say that it was not among the top five most prominent powers in the world,” Abramov stressed.

The archpriest connects the problems of modern Russia not with Orthodoxy, but with the peculiarities of its historical path.

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