Municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region will receive income from the tax on self-employed

CHELYABINSK, February 25 – RIA Novosti. The draft law on the transfer to municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region of income from the payment of tax on self-employed citizens, initiated by Governor Alexei Teksler, was adopted by the deputies of the regional legislative assembly on Thursday at a meeting.

According to the press service of the regional government, the initiative to provide regions and municipalities with more flexibility in managing the tax on self-employed is the regional governor, chairman of the State Council commission in the direction of “Economy and Finance” Alexei Teksler announced in December 2020 at a meeting of the State Council. The Chelyabinsk region is now implementing the proposed approach on the territory of the region: the funds that come to the regional budget from the tax on self-employed, the municipalities will receive in the form of a special subsidy and will be able to send them to the solution of any issues of local importance. Chelyabinsk region “Amendments to article 101 of the law of the Chelyabinsk region “On interbudgetary relations in the Chelyabinsk region” were introduced today at a meeting of the Legislative Assembly. The bill introduces a new type of other subsidies provided to municipal districts, urban districts, urban districts with intracity division to stimulate an increase in the number of self-employed and income tax on professional income, ” the press service of the Legislative Assembly.

According to the chairman of the Committee on Budget and Taxes Alexander Lazarev, the bill was prepared in order to involve local authorities in the work to increase the number of self-employed and income tax on professional income.

The press service recalls that from January 1, 2020, the Chelyabinsk region was included in the number of regions in which a new special tax regime for self-employed citizens was introduced – the tax on professional income.

As previously explained by Governor Alexei Teksler, income from professional income tax should remain where people live and work – in specific municipalities. The more citizens are registered as self-employed and the more tax they pay, the more subsidies the territory will receive, he said. Subsidies to municipalities will be transferred quarterly, explained Texler.

As the press service of the regional government clarifies, 37.1 thousand people were registered in the Chelyabinsk region as self-employed as of February 1, 2021 (plus 3.3 thousand people per month). In 2020, tax revenues for the self-employed in the region exceeded 26 million rubles, of which more than 16 million rubles were credited to the regional budget (the rest of the funds – to the MHIF).

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