Maduro delivered an ultimatum to the EU

BUENOS AIRES, Feb 25 – RIA Novosti. Caracas will never again enter into deals or dialogue with the European Union unless it changes its sanctions policy, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said.

The President recalled that the EU has imposed sanctions against the opposition, who participated in the elections, against the judiciary and the armed forces.

“They interfere in internal affairs, and what are they waiting for? That we will thank them for attacking us? No. We were looking for dialogue, and important steps were taken to restore dialogue between the opposition and Chavism. But this way – no, – either you will correct (your position. – Ed.), or there will never be any deal with you, no kind of dialogue, gentlemen from the European Union, so that you know that Venezuela knows how to respond to threats, no matter where they come from “, – concluded Maduro.

Earlier, the EU expanded the list of restrictive measures on Venezuela to include high-ranking military personnel, members of the National Electoral Council and members of the new parliament. The new sanctions were introduced “for their role in actions and decisions that undermine democracy and the rule of law in the country, as well as for serious violations of human rights.”

In response, Venezuela declared the head of the EU diplomatic mission in the country persona non grata and gave her 72 hours to leave the country.

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