In Kuban, the regional budget for a three-year period was revised

KRASNODAR, February 25 – RIA Novosti. Deputies of the Krasnodar Territory at the regular session of the regional legislative assembly (ZSK) on Thursday approved changes to the budget for a three-year period, the press service of the ZSK reports. “In accordance with the changes, the revenue side of the regional budget for 2021 will be increased by 7.8 billion rubles. by 2022 – by 7 billion rubles, by 2023 – by almost 5.5 billion rubles. Changes in volumes are due to an increase in tax and non-tax revenues, “- said in the message. Krasnodar Territory.

As the head of the regional parliament Yuriy Burlachko noted, the increase in the revenue side of the budget became possible not only due to revenues from the federal budget, but also in connection with the prospects for increasing tax and non-tax revenues of the regional budget. “Their growth is expected in many areas, including such , such as personal income tax receipts, corporate income tax. These figures are a clear indicator that the Kuban economy, which has survived the time limits of the epidemic, is recovering and is beginning to regain its former positions. Many industries have suffered serious losses over the past year. But unprecedented measures, and they made it possible to stabilize the situation, “the words of the chairman of the KYC are quoted in the message. Following the discussion, the parliamentarians approved a law on amendments to the regional budget as a whole.

According to Yuri Burlachko, large-scale improvements in the social sphere are included in the program “Social, economic and innovative development of the Krasnodar Territory”, the funding of which this year will increase by 4 billion rubles. Construction of new schools and kindergartens will continue in the Kuban. In general, according to the program, taking into account the previously allocated funds, 9 kindergartens, 17 schools, 18 sports facilities will be built.

In addition, additional funds from the state program “Development of housing and communal services” will allow increasing subsidies to municipalities for organizing water supply for the population, and continue the resettlement of people from emergency housing. Additional funds are also allocated for the development of the agro-industrial complex. It is noted that this year, for the first time, subsidies for dairy farming will rise to 1 billion rubles.

Allocations for other state programs are also increasing. Under the program “Integrated and sustainable development of the Krasnodar Territory in the field of construction and architecture”, half a billion is allocated for the completion of construction in progress. “We have an opportunity to solve long-standing problems, to lay the foundation for the future development of the economic and social sectors of the region,” concluded the chairman of the ZSK.

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