Five common mistakes drivers make when buying a new car

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. The Avtovzglyad portal spoke about the five most common mistakes drivers make when buying new cars.

The publication emphasizes that when buying a new car, you must refuse to buy from “gray” dealers. Official car dealerships work closely with distributors, therefore, when selling, they behave more decently than their “gray” colleagues. The latter, as the portal writes, is more difficult to prosecute in case of problems, since it is impossible to complain about them to the representatives of the automaker.

The authors of the material note that it is not worth taking a car from the available ones, as many drivers do, because in this case the motorist can overpay up to several hundred thousand rubles for unnecessary options. It is more correct to order a car with a configuration for yourself and wait, the portal advises.

The publication warns against inattentive attitude towards filling out the documents, recalling the importance of this procedure. The portal advises to carefully study the points about the final cost of the car, the timing of the transfer of the client's vehicle and the dealer's responsibility.

In addition, the publication recommends not to forget to ask for a discount when buying, as well as to carefully examine the car for damage, malfunctions and compliance with the order when handing over the car to the buyer.

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