Federal transfers to the Khabarovsk Territory grew stronger than planned

KHABAROVSK, February 25 – RIA Novosti. Federal transfers for the Khabarovsk Territory increased 2.3 times from the planned, this made it possible to achieve positive shifts in the regional economy, increasing the inflow of investments, the regional government told RIA Novosti. “The Territory received access to targeted subsidies, in particular 3.5 billion rubles were received from the Fund for the Promotion of Housing and Communal Services for the resettlement of emergency housing, 1.5 billion – for the modernization of primary health care The total volume of federal interbudgetary transfers after the appointment (to the post of governor) of Mikhail Degtyarev increased 2.3 times from the originally planned and 1.8 times Compared to 2019. In general, 2020 is completed with the volume of investments in fixed assets – 198 billion rubles, with a growth rate of 103% compared to last year, “- the regional government said.

It is noted that the support of the federal center helped to capitalize microfinance organizations: the Fund for Support of Small Business of the Khabarovsk Territory and the Guarantee Fund of the Khabarovsk Territory (for more than 200 million rubles). This made it possible to support the enterprises themselves and preserve jobs. In total, 12.5 billion rubles are provided for financing national projects this year in the region, of which more than 9 billion rubles are from the federal budget.

Earlier it was reported that an agreement was signed with Gazprom to triple the financing of the regional gasification program within five years. An agreement on social partnership for 100 million rubles was signed with Polymetal. Under the concession agreement, the heating systems of Sovetskaya Gavan were modernized for 225 million rubles. The first production and logistics center in the region was built – the site of the Avangard industrial park in Khabarovsk.

According to the regional government, a decision has been made to resume the construction project of the Khekhtsir ski resort. A site was selected for a technopark in the field of IT technologies on the territory of Khabarovsk, and the development of the project began. An agreement was signed with MedInvestGroup on investments in the system of care for cancer patients. The contract with Rusal on the construction of a transshipment terminal in the Vaninsky region for the import of alumina and the export of grain was extended, with an increase in investments from 5 billion to 7 billion rubles.

“In addition, cooperation with the Baltika company has been expanded – a million rubles will be invested in the system of separate waste collection in Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk. Substantial work has also been established with major Russian developers – plans are underway to commission a million” squares “of housing at affordable prices annually,” noted in the department.

It is specified that in terms of the dynamics of key indicators of the development of industries, the region showed results above the average Russian level. For example, in transport (22.1% of the gross regional product), the growth in freight turnover amounted to 104.5% compared to the level of 2019. Growth has been achieved in the main branches of specialization of the industrial complex of the region. Thus, the production of medicines increased by 1.4 times, which made it possible to minimize the increased demand for medicines among the population and medical institutions.

Also, in order to support small and medium-sized businesses affected by restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus, rates on a number of taxes were reduced. In the region, at the end of 2020, the number of small and medium-sized businesses increased and amounted to more than 50 thousand. In general, according to the results of the past year, all public obligations of the region were fulfilled, the general economic dynamics did not decrease. According to preliminary results, it was possible to keep the gross regional product (GRP) at the level of 2019. Among other things, it was possible to minimize the damage of the pandemic to the economy, while maintaining the pre-crisis growth rates.

On behalf of the Acting Governor, the region developed and adopted a Plan for the Recovery of the Economy, Income and Employment, which was worked out with the participation of the business community and business of the region and includes more than 200 events. These measures will create sufficient conditions for the growth of the regional economy this year. Degtyarev has already set an ambitious task to increase the investment attractiveness of the region and its entry into the TOP-30 of the National rating of the state of the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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