Auto expert named an unexpected error when parking a car

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. It is often advised when parking to turn the front wheels in such a way that the car rests against the curb if it suddenly rolls over. This is justified if you have parked on a hill or have problems with the parking brake. However, in some cases such parking can turn into problems, automobile expert Yegor Vasilyev told the Prime agency.

Do not turn the wheels all the way if your car has power steering. This can negatively affect the power steering and the anthers of the steering rods. It is best to simply turn the wheels in the direction of the vehicle rolling.

For a car with an automatic transmission, you can limit yourself to putting it into parking mode, and just put the mechanics in gear. “In any case, do not forget that before starting to move, be sure to return the steering wheel to the straight position. But with mechanics, it is still better to use the parking brake in order to avoid problems when starting the engine,” the specialist explains.

When parking, you should pay attention to whether your car interferes with other road users, you should not park it where snow or trees may fall. It is also best to avoid dark, uninhabited places due to the risk of crime. If possible, you should park the car so that it is convenient to leave. And be sure to check if you have closed all the windows and doors, concluded Vasiliev.

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