A resident of Primorye killed a friend and began to live in his apartment

VLADIVOSTOK, February 25 – RIA Novosti. A resident of Primorye will face trial on charges of murdering an acquaintance whose body he hid on the balcony and began to live in his apartment, the regional prosecutor's office reports. “According to the investigation, in December 2020, the defendant was with his friend … in Ussuriisk. While drinking alcoholic beverages, a quarrel occurred between the men, during which he (the guest) began to inflict random blows on the victim's body with various objects, then with a kitchen knife he struck several blows in the chest of the apartment owner, from which his death occurred. , and he continued to live in the victim's apartment for several days, “the message says.

After some time, the defendant called a friend to visit, while drinking alcohol, he showed him the corpse and asked him to get rid of the instrument of the crime. The man agreed and on the same day reported the incident to the police. “Currently, the criminal case has been sent to the Ussuriysk District Court for consideration on the merits,” the prosecutor's office said.

It is lost that the defendant has been repeatedly convicted earlier.

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