WHO announced the ambiguous situation with coronavirus in the world

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. The pandemic is on the decline, but new mutations of the coronavirus are spreading to more countries, the World Health Organization said.

“The number of new cases reported globally continues to fall for the sixth consecutive week, with 2.4 million new cases last week, down 11% from the previous week. The number of new deaths has also continued to decline over the past three weeks: last week almost 66 thousand new deaths were registered, which is 20% less than in the previous week, “- said in a release on the WHO website. Spread of coronavirus

From 15 to 21 February, 2,457,026 new cases and 66,359 deaths were recorded worldwide.

However, new strains are spreading. The British mutation was found in 101 countries (seven more than in the previous week), the “South African” – in 51 (plus five), and the “Brazilian” – in 29 (plus eight). There is no exact data on whether the created vaccines cope with them.

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