The Russians were told how to eliminate the main sign of fatigue

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. Blue circles under the eyes are considered a major outward sign of fatigue. Dermatologist and cosmetologist Stanislav Arkannikov told Radio Sputnik how to eliminate them.

Traces of fatigue on the face indicate that something needs to be changed in life and the overvoltage factor should be removed, the doctor said. He explained how dark circles arise. “Bruises under the eyes are formed when we strain the optic nerves for a long time by reading, using a computer, regular lack of sleep or overwork. At such times, the vessels become thinner, burst and hematomas form under the eyes,” explained Stanislav Arkannikov.

According to him, the most reliable, albeit not quick, way to eliminate such signs of fatigue is to properly alternate work and rest. You need to be more outdoors and make sure your eyes get rest from the computer, the doctor advises. The result will be necessary, but it will take a long time to achieve it. You can speed up the process with the help of means used in cosmetology. Stanislav Arkannikov recommends using creams containing caffeine.

“If we remove the factors that cause blue circles under the eyes, then we will not instantly remove these bruises, they will be with us for some time. So that they go away as quickly as possible, creams with caffeine are used in cosmetology,” Stanislav said Arkannikov in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Any cream that contains caffeine helps not to mask dark circles under the eyes, but to eliminate them, the doctor said.

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