The lawyer explained what to do if someone else's loan was issued for you

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. Without your knowledge and consent, you can get a loan. Such a deal cannot be considered legal, it can be considered valid only with the bilateral declaration of will of the parties, expressed in writing and confirmed by the relevant documents signed by both parties, Artyom Baranov, General Director of the Achievement Law Firm, told Prime Agency.

According to the expert, you have neither the rights nor the obligations under the transaction that you did not agree with and that you did not sign, but unscrupulous market participants can use your data and hang a fictitious debt on you.

In order not to be recovered from you, you need to go to court with a competent lawyer.

“After you have won the court, you need to try to recover from the opposite side as much as possible your material costs for the case,” Baranov emphasized.

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