The Farmer's School project of Rosselkhozbank launched in 15 regions of the country

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. The large-scale all-Russian educational project of the Russian Agricultural Bank “Farmer's School” is launched with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the regions of Russia in 15 regions of the country with the participation of specialized universities, big business and private entrepreneurs. The online opening of the school took place on Wednesday at the Russia Today MIA.

This is the second admission to the School that trains professional personnel for agriculture. This year, the number of participants has grown significantly: 15 regions sent a total of 352 applications. For comparison, 114 start-up entrepreneurs attended the Farmer's School last year.

Governors of a number of regions, heads of regional Ministries of Agriculture, rectors of specialized universities took part in the online opening. “Our main goal is to help people realize themselves, to give all the opportunities for starting and developing their own business in the countryside. After all, many have a great desire to work. However, there is not always enough knowledge, but most importantly – the necessary skills. And it is important for us that in agriculture highly educated specialists came to support the successful development of the industry and bring a new drive to it. For Rosselkhozbank, farmers are the most important clients and partners. Therefore, we surround them with maximum support. Moreover, the bank intends to take personal part in the implementation of the best business plans of the graduates of the “Farmer's School “Therefore, we expect from you well-developed, effective projects,” said Boris Listov, Chairman of the Board of JSC Rosselkhozbank, at the opening of the School.

According to him, this year the program was expanded due to unique specializations. In particular, such a direction as city farming appeared in it, when vegetables and greens are grown in the city, and not outside it. “The farming school is a unique phenomenon in the new Russian practice. The competition in some regions numbered more than four people per seat. Among the listeners there are both young mothers and retired military men. The oldest student is 72 years old. It is important that after graduation we, the organizers schools, we continue to help our students. Almost all the participants of the first stream received grants. Many were assisted in the sale of manufactured products. We also helped them integrate into the product and production chains. That is, the students of the school can immediately go into real business, “Listov said.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Oksana Lut, in turn, noted that leading agricultural regions that already have good farming movements have joined the project. According to her, the project has proven itself well, it allows small agribusiness entities to receive deep theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to increase production volumes. This is especially important given the growing contribution of farms to the Russian agro-industrial complex. Most of the 114 graduates of the first stream received grants for the development of agribusiness, as well as assistance in selling their products.

Stavropol Territory, Bashkortostan and Novosibirsk Region are participating in the project for the second time. According to the Governor of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, developing farming, the region solves not only the problem of food supply, but also unemployment in the countryside. “We have more than 114 thousand registered farms, and those that stand firmly today, more than two thousand. We have 22 graduates of the” Farmer's School “, active guys, they have defended their projects, 15 have come for grant support. These people know how get a resource of any nature. The first resource is knowledge: legal support, correct execution of a business plan, a request for a grant. This year we will allocate 38 million rubles to support agricultural startups. We will keep support for farmers – about 160 million rubles, as in the past Today, studying under the “Farmer's School” project on the basis of our agricultural university, people immediately get to the newest enterprises, gain invaluable experience. We have a big problem – unemployment in the countryside. And our task is to do everything so that there are no unemployed left in the countryside. ” , – stressed Vladimirov.

The Oryol Region is taking part in the Farmer's School project for the first time, but immediately set a record – 47 applications.

“For us, agriculture is one of the priority growth points. Even in the last difficult year, we managed to ensure the volume of agricultural products at the level of 111% against the level of 2019. Grain growers received a record harvest – they harvested 4.3 million tons. It is growing from year to year. the contribution of Oryol farmers to the agro-industrial complex – today there are more than 1.5 thousand farms and over 140 thousand private subsidiary plots.Last year, farmers received almost 19% of the gross harvest of grain and oilseeds, produced impressive volumes of milk and meat. Farming also provides employment in the countryside , and carries a significant social burden “, – said the governor of the region Andrei Klychkov.

He also cited data on support for farming in the region. “Last year, farmers received over 165 million rubles, 527 soft loans, and the amount of subsidies exceeded 315 million. Grants were issued for 60 million, and over eight years – almost 500 million. The Farmer's School project seems to us very relevant. For the first set we chose goat and sheep breeding, cheese making, product processing. There were more people willing to get involved in the project than we expected. Rosselkhozbank met us halfway and increased the quota – 25 participants were enrolled in the main course, another 22 got the opportunity to take the course without We will support the implementation of the project in the Oryol region. For us it is important not only for the development of the economy and the agro-industrial complex of the region, but also as a real step towards preserving the village, “Klychkov stressed.

Graduates of the project also received the floor within the framework of the online opening of the Farmer's School. Among them is Maxim Churkin, an entrepreneur from the Novosibirsk region.

“Organizationally and substantively, this is one of the coolest educational projects in the region. I am an agro-startup, my successful case is mutton. We managed to bring the processing of sheep to 95%. At the moment, I am focused on the development of cooperation, as it solves the problem of product sales at fair prices. And here I want to note another important result of the “School of the Farmer” – this is business contacts. Any question in our wonderful chat of school graduates can get a sensible answer. I think we generally need some kind of federal platform where we can at the regional level share successful cases, “said the entrepreneur.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food of Udmurtia, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Olga Abramova, taking the floor during the discussion, decided to cheer and inspire novice farmers. “Udmurtia is undoubtedly an agricultural region. The best milk is produced here, and the Farmer's School begins with milk. and cheese. This is a very necessary and important measure to support the development of farms. For us, farming is a key aspect of the development of the village. Therefore, the state directs forces and resources here. And we thank the initiators of the project for giving our farmers the opportunity to develop. I want to inspire all participants in the Farmer's School. Agriculture is the most space industry. Biotechnology, genetics, artificial intelligence – you can see all this in agriculture. Therefore, it is worth working in this industry, living in it and developing, “the minister is convinced.

JSC “Rosselkhozbank” is the basis of the national credit and financial system for servicing the agro-industrial complex. The bank was established in 2000 and today is a key creditor to the country's agro-industrial complex, is one of the largest and most stable banks in the country in terms of assets and capital, as well as one of the leaders in the reliability rating of the largest Russian banks.

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