Russians have reduced payments on “bad” debts

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the fact that Russians began to send less funds to pay off overdue debts: if before it began, they could send 20% of their monthly income to payments, then at present – only 10%, calculated for RIA Novosti in the National Association of Professional Collection agencies (NAPKA). “Over the past year, due to a decrease in income, the ratio of spending in the budgets of households burdened with overdue loans has changed – most of them now take 90% of current spending on average, and only the remaining 10% they manage to use to pay off loan obligations . Previously, the ratio was 80/20 “, – experts found out.

According to NAPKA, the number of Russian debtors with overdue consumer loans increased by 8% over the year and amounted to 5.4 million in January. At the same time, in the past years, the increase in overdue debtors was 4-5%.

It is noted that the average debtor in January accounted for about 1.2 loans. About 80% of debtors have overdue one debt, 15% – two, about 3.5% did not make payments on time on three loans, and another 1.5% – at least four loans.

The number of loans directly affects the risk of a loan delay. According to NAPKA, when servicing one debt, delinquency occurs in 10% of cases, two loans – already in 15%, three loans – in almost 30%, and if there are four of them, then the probability of being overdue exceeds 50%.

Eight out of ten debtors with overdue debts over 90 days manage to close their obligations within 2 years.

The catalyst for the growth of all debt indicators of Russians last year was the pandemic and the associated self-isolation regime, which affected employment and income. “Almost every second borrower with an open unsecured loan is at risk. Of course, support measures have helped to avoid real massive defaults. However, those who could not cope with the debt burden and did not meet the requirements of a credit vacation will need at least 6-7 months. to resume payments, “the experts add.

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