Russian off-road vehicle UAZ “Bukhanka” launched in China

MOSCOW, February 24 – Project “Russia-China: Main”. Chinese dealers have started selling a new Russian off-road vehicle UAZ “Bukhanka”. In the Celestial Empire, a car can be found by the name MPV.

Recently, a video was released on the Internet, in which you can see the domestic UAZ “Bukhanka” car in one of the dealerships in China.

It is known that the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant signed an agreement with the authorities to bring its products to the Chinese market four years ago. However, further no details of the sales of the Russian model were reported in the Celestial Empire.

The car can be purchased exclusively in one showroom. It should be noted that its price is greatly overpriced. You can buy the new product for 158,800 yuan, that is, for almost 1.83 million rubles, according to the nation-news portal.

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