Orlov spoke about the advantages of the new plant for the production of seeds

BLAGOVESCHENSK, February 24 – RIA Novosti. Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov said that the new ANK plant for the production of seeds and edible soybeans, which opened on February 24 in the village of Zarechny, will partially cover the needs of the region's farmers, and will also work for export. “In the Amur region, one of the main crops is soy. Our farms produce more than 1 million tons annually. To increase yields, it is necessary to prepare high-quality seeds. Every year, farmers need about 100 thousand tons of soybean seeds and 50 thousand tons of grain seeds, but the quality does not always meet the high requirements. The new plant will partially solve this problem, ” – said Orlov, whose words are quoted by the government of the Amur region.

The head of the Amur Region added that the plant is export-oriented, and although 2020 was “difficult in terms of international contracts,” the governor expressed hope that in 2021 it would be possible to “work more actively with Korean and Japanese partners.” “Quality of products is important for foreign partners. and is ready to offer the plant “, – emphasized Orlov.

The plant was built in 8 months, more than 150 million rubles were invested in the project, the company is equipped with two autonomous packing lines: for food soybeans and seeds. With reference to Stepan Inyutochkin, Commercial Director of ANK, the Government of the Amur Region informs that the annual production capacity of the plant is up to 30 thousand tons, this will make it possible to produce products for the Amur market and abroad, within the framework of the earlier concluded contract ANK will export 4 thousand soybeans to South Korea. ” We have unprecedented support measures for the construction of livestock complexes. Additional regional support measures for the construction of capital facilities for deep processing of soybeans will come into force in 2021. Currently, 36% of soybeans are processed in the region, our goal is to bring this value to 70%. whoever has a desire to work in this direction, we will create conditions for this “, – added Orlov.

Now the Ministry of Agriculture of the Amur Region is developing a regulatory framework to support farmers who are ready to engage in deep processing of soybeans.

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