Named a way to improve vision in three minutes a day

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. It is possible to improve vision without surgery with the help of simple gymnastics, which takes no more than a few minutes a day. This is reported by with reference to ophthalmologist Rui Hiramatsu.

According to the physician, the eyes need to be regularly trained in the same way that the muscles or the mind are trained.

The first method that Hiramatsu recommends is the Gabor spot exercises, which are special patterns for finding differences. They need to be performed only three minutes a day, and the first improvements can be seen in two weeks. Explicit ones will come in 28 days.

The second method is thermotherapy. You need to take a towel, wet it and heat it up in a microwave oven for 30-40 seconds. Put a warm cloth on closed eyelids and wait until it cools down.

The third method is spinach. It needs to be included in your diet, as spinach helps prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

Earlier it became known that carrots, cruciferous vegetables, berries and polyunsaturated fats contribute to the maintenance of metabolic processes in the vessels of the eyes. As Marina Dorokhova, an ophthalmologist-surgeon of the city clinical hospital No. 17, said, special attention should be paid to the level of glucose in the blood, since high sugar leads to a gradual deterioration in vision.

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