In three districts of the Chelyabinsk region, an emergency regime was introduced due to frosts and blizzards

CHELYABINSK, February 24 – RIA Novosti. The emergency regime was introduced in three districts of the Chelyabinsk region due to low air temperature and a strong blizzard, congestions formed on some highways in the region, the press center of the GUMChS of Russia for the region said on Wednesday.

According to the press center, due to weather conditions in the Chelyabinsk region – low air temperature, blizzard – on February 23-24, a tense situation developed on the roads of local, intermunicipal and regional significance, about which the population was informed. Due to snow drifts, traffic jams were formed on the highways. Emergency telephone numbers began to receive calls from citizens stuck in traffic jams.

“By the decrees of the heads of the Varna, Nagaybak and Kartala municipal districts, emergency regimes have been introduced in connection with the worsening weather conditions,” the message says.

The Chelyabinskavtodor snowblower works on the roads in the amount of 118 units, from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Chelyabinsk Region – 13 crews, the message says.

There are five mobile heating points in operation, the press center explains. Also, the airmobile grouping of the Main Directorate and the Ural Training and Rescue Center in the amount of 54 people, 16 pieces of equipment, is added to the site.

According to the Central Emergency Situations Ministry of Russia for the region, at present, work on the highways of the region continues. Winter is the most intense time for Moscow power engineers. They need to maintain a stable temperature in their homes regardless of weather conditions. To keep the batteries always hot, there are heating points in the yards. There are more than 20 thousand of them in Moscow. For how it all looks from the inside, see our story.

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