In the Saratov region, the deputy apologized for the letter to veterans with errors

SARATOV, February 24 – RIA Novosti. Deputy of the Council of the Pokrovsky Municipal Formation of the Volsky District of the Saratov Region, the head of the district branch of the Young Guard of United Russia Ekaterina Koblova apologized for the congratulations she published on Defender of the Fatherland Day with numerous mistakes and assured that no veteran had received such a letter.

Earlier, local media reported that the chairman of the Volsk branch of MGER published on Instagram congratulations to the participants of the Great Patriotic War, with mistakes. One of the lines of the letter, in particular, read: “Maya Sollaty, glory to you nane From all the earth, from all the earth! Thank you, soldiers, For life, for children and spring, For gueshina, For a peaceful dummy, For a world in which we live. ” The press service of MGER told RIA Novosti that a “raw”, unverified version of the design layout was inadvertently posted in the post, and such letters were not sent to veterans.

“I sincerely and deeply apologize for the publication of congratulations to the veterans with a mass of spelling errors. I am very ashamed that this happened. I promise to continue to be extremely careful and not to allow anything like this. This publication is my personal initiative, letters with errors have been sent to no veteran were not, “Koblova wrote on her Instagram page.

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