German court sentenced a man to 14.5 years for the murder of two Russian women

MOSCOW, February 24 – RIA Novosti. A court in Munich sentenced German citizen Roman H. to 14 years and six months in prison in the case of the murder of two Russian women, the court found him guilty of murdering his daughter and wife, the bodies of the women were not found, Bild reports.

The trial against a German citizen accused of murdering a Russian wife and her daughter began in October 2020. Roman H. was charged with double murder. According to the investigation, the man in the apartment, due to personal hostility, first killed his wife, and then his adopted daughter, who at the time of the crime was in the city for language courses, then he took the bodies out in his wife's car in an unknown direction, purchased paint and disinfectants from a hardware store , washed and re-painted walls in several rooms, and got rid of the carpeting. At the time of the start of the hearing, the bodies were not found, despite large-scale search operations in the forests in the vicinity of Munich – it was there that the police had previously discovered a mud mat with traces of blood of Russian citizens who disappeared in mid-July last year.

Prosecutors demanded to admit the man's guilt in the murder, life imprisonment and admission of the special gravity of the guilt. The defense insisted on an acquittal.

According to the newspaper, the court found Roman Kh. Guilty of murder without aggravating circumstances, the circumstances of the murder remain unclear and the bodies of Tatiana and Maria have not been found. The court ruled on the basis of circumstantial evidence, the newspaper writes. “After considering the evidence, we are convinced that both women are dead,” the publication cites the court's ruling.

After the court decision, Roman's father continues to believe that his son did not kill his wife and daughter. “My son is innocent. They both could have flown to Russia,” he told the newspaper.

On July 18, 2019, the Russian Embassy in Berlin reported that two Russian women had disappeared in Munich, and the city police opened a criminal case. As reported by the media with reference to the police, suspect Roman Kh. Claimed that 41-year-old Maria and her 16-year-old daughter Tatiana left the apartment at about 14.00 (15.00 Moscow time) on 13 July, intending to go shopping, since then they have not gone to connection with loved ones. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, relatives and friends of the disappeared deny the possibility of the voluntary disappearance of women. An arrest warrant was issued against the spouse of Roman H., after conflicting testimonies given at the beginning of the proceedings, he completely withdrew the statements.

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