Vaclav Klaus is sick with COVID-19

PRAGUE, 23 Feb – RIA Novosti. Ex-President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, who in recent months took part in a number of rallies by opponents of the government's anti-epidemic measures, fell ill with coronavirus and intends to be treated at home, said the representative of the Vaclav Klaus Institute Petr Matsinka.

“Mr. Klaus tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday. He will be treated at home,” Matsinka said.

For appearing in public places without a mask on the day of the founding of Czechoslovakia on October 28, 2020, as well as on November 17, on the anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution”, Klaus was fined 3 thousand crowns (about $ 140) and 10 thousand crowns (about $ 465), respectively. … The ex-president called the measures taken by the government in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus violating human rights and freedoms. In addition, Klaus spoke negatively about coronavirus vaccinations.

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