The specialist explained that they can pay pensioners in addition to the pension

MOSCOW, February 23 – RIA Novosti. In addition to insurance, social or state pensions, the state pays a number of additional amounts to certain categories of pensioners. Yevgeniy Biezbardis, head of the Safmar NPF Analytics Center, tells the Prime agency about this. “Monthly payments are assigned to war veterans, participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, members of their families, as well as victims of radiation accidents and nuclear tests, persons with disabilities any group, disabled children and some other people, “the expert noted.

He recalled that the payment is indexed annually on February 1, and in 2021 it grew by 4.9%. For different categories of citizens, the amount of the monthly cash payment is different.

According to him, the heroes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, heroes of labor, holders of orders of various degrees, laureates of state awards, and Olympic champions receive additional material support for outstanding achievements and special merits. For them, payments range from 250% to 415% of the social pension.

Most of the residents of Russia, born since 1967, are also entitled to payments from pension savings that were formed with them from 2002 to 2014, and then grew due to investment income. These payments can be received upon reaching the “old” retirement age and fulfilling a number of other conditions, Biezbardis summed up.

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