The harbinger of heart problems is named

MOSCOW, February 23 RIA Novosti. Excessive sweating for no apparent reason can be a sign of heart problems and an impending heart attack, the Express reported, citing doctors from the British Heart Foundation. “Pumping blood through clogged arteries requires more effort from the heart, so the body sweats more trying to lower the temperature during the extra effort, “the medics explained.

They warned that it is worth contacting a specialist for unreasonable night sweats.

The most dangerous is sweating, accompanied by sudden chest pain, dizziness or nausea, doctors warned. In this case, urgent medical attention may be required.

A heart attack is a serious pathological condition caused by an acute lack of blood supply to the heart muscle (blockage by a thrombus and / or spasm, usually in the area of an atherosclerotic plaque of an artery feeding the heart) with the development of ischemia and necrosis (death) of a portion of this muscle.

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