Russians are less likely to agree to lower wages to work at home

MOSCOW, 23 Feb – RIA Novosti / Prime. Today about half of Russians are ready to agree to a lower salary for a place of work located half an hour's walk from home, which is less than in “dock” times; at the same time, on average, they are ready to reduce their salary expectations by 9%, according to a study of the online job search service SuperJob, the results of which are available to RIA Novosti.

The study is based on survey data from 1.6 thousand representatives of the economically active population over 18 years old from 443 settlements in all districts of Russia. The study was conducted from 12 to 18 February.

“Getting to work in less than half an hour, and even on foot – according to 48% of Russians, it is worth it to agree to a lower salary. On average, this category of respondents is ready to lower salary expectations by 9%,” the study says.

Those who are ready to make financial concessions for the sake of free time are more among respondents over 45 (55%), as well as among respondents with an income of 80,000 rubles or more (52%).

However, analysts noted that during the coronavirus pandemic, many have missed work and are ready to travel to the office. Four years ago, when a similar survey was conducted, there were significantly more people willing to work close to home, albeit for less money (56%), and they were ready to lower salary expectations by an average of 10%.

In addition, now 37% of Russians do not agree to a lower salary for the sake of being close to home. “This position is more popular among men (38% versus 35% among women) and respondents aged 35 to 44 (41%). In 2017, those who were not ready to give up part of their salary in order to save time, there were fewer – 33%” , – analysts summed up.

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