Putin declared the need to unite efforts to produce vaccines

SOCHI, 22 Feb – RIA Novosti. At a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated the need to unite efforts in the production of vaccines, including with Europe.

“We need to join forces, including with our European colleagues. We are trying to do this. We are open for joint work,” Putin said, speaking of the production of vaccines against coronavirus.

He added that he is pleased to note that Russia will join forces with European partners in this matter. “And with Belarus – by itself. I repeat, the technologies have already been transferred, as I was told, and production is being launched,” Putin said.

“You promised me that the first country would be Belarus, and you did it. Thank you for that,” Lukashenka responded.

“And so it happened,” the Russian president agreed.

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