Conditions for refusal of electricity from Russia were named in Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 23 – RIA Novosti. Acting Energy Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko named two conditions under which the country can refuse to import electricity from Russia.

He noted that, first of all, timely repair of the relevant infrastructure should be carried out, since a significant part of it simply does not function. To correct the situation, in his opinion, systemic legislative decisions are needed.

“In order to avoid the situation next year that we are importing electricity from Russia, it is necessary to carry out a repair campaign in time – both at thermal units and at nuclear power plants. So that in winter most of these units work, and not as now,” Vitrenko said on the air of the ICTV channel.

Also, the acting head of the department pointed out the need to disconnect Ukraine from the energy system of Russia and Belarus and join the European system. “Unfortunately, this has not been done, although there have been talks about it for a long time,” he stated.

Ukraine in April last year suspended electricity imports from Russia and Belarus in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Purchases in Belarus resumed on January 3, and in February Ukraine began importing electricity from Russia. Earlier, the head of the board of the company “Ukrenergo” Vladimir Kudritsky said that Kiev would not give up Russian electricity until the end of the heating season. According to him, this helps Ukraine “to close the balance in the energy system.”

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