Zhirinovsky explained his idea to limit the weight of Russians

MOSCOW, February 22 – RIA Novosti. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky explained his idea to limit the weight of Russians.

Earlier, the politician suggested limiting the weight of officials to one hundred kilograms as a recommendation. According to Zhirinovsky, overweight people require large expenditures from the state, “at this time, people who feel normal receive less money from the state.”

“Overweight is one of the main factors in the development of many diseases and early mortality among the elderly. Of course, each person has the right to decide for himself what to eat and what to do. But the state should pursue a policy of encouraging citizens to a healthy lifestyle,” the politician wrote in your Telegram.

According to him, one of the ways to demonstrate such a policy is to limit the maximum weight parameters for officials. “If you want to stay in the civil service, keep yourself in shape. If you cannot take care of yourself, you will have to realize yourself in another area,” he suggested.

At the same time, Zhirinovsky indicated that, in his opinion, there can be no standards for other citizens.

“But doctors can announce healthy body parameters so that people understand that if you eat too much, get fat, then be prepared that your health will deteriorate, you will have to be treated, and treatment is always much more expensive than maintaining health,” concluded the LDPR leader.

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